Here are some of the comments I have received from past clients.

'From our first meeting, you made me feel very comfortable and I felt that you really heard and understood me.  You blended validation of my feelings with gentle challenging of my assumptions and helped me to see things in ways that I hadn't been able to on my own.  I am grateful for the work we did together and feel much happier and healthier for it.'         

          - Claire

'Let me say once more how much our counsellor-client relationship has meant to me.  Working with you literally changed my life, wholly for the better, and I will always treasure that experience.  Although that time of my life was undeniably painful and difficult, I now look at it as a time of tremendous growth and a necessary step on the way to a life I'm so much happier with.  I can't thank you enough for being by my side throughout that journey.'

         - Denise

'Because of the work I did with you, I have been able to find the strength to rationalize and work through things.  I greatly enjoyed meeting you.  You helped me focus on my positives and not my negatives and made me feel good about myself.  I feel that I have grown through my experiences to be a much more tolerant, patient , understanding and impartial person, all of which are qualities I admire in others so feel quite proud they are in my possession. The future looks bright and with a broad horizon!!'

         - Lauren


'Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your professional help.  Those sessions have been absolutely priceless for me!  I feel ready again to face whatever life throws at me - and with confidence this time!'

          - Davina

'Things really seem to have settled down nicely and we are finding better ways to communicate and feeling a lot more like a couple again.  The experience of working with you has really helped, you helped us through a very rocky time and we can't thank you enough.'

         - Steve and Louise

'We have been amazed by the difference counselling has made to our relationship.  You have helped us through a really difficult time and your insight and understanding have helped us to see past our problems and enjoy each other again.  We feel that our relationship is better now than it has ever been!'

          - Tom and Sally


'Thank you so much for all your help.  You have really helped me understand how I can approach situations in a calmer and more thoughtful way.  It has made such a difference and all difficult situations are not so difficult now!'

          - David

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