Family Counselling

Sometimes, communication becomes difficult and even painful within families. Misunderstandings are perpetuated and people can be left feeling unhappy and even unloved. Bringing people together in a safe and supportive environment can often help to improve communication and understanding of each other’s feelings and behaviour. I offer a safe and supportive space for individual family members to express themselves in a way that they can be heard by others, and listen to others in a respectful way.

Some families may have developed unhelpful patterns of interacting with each other. I will help you explore these and consider different ways of being together. When everyone’s voice can be heard without fear of blame or rejection, each individual can feel supported and cared for.

Sometimes, depending on the nature of the issues, I may also see individuals or different combinations of family members in order to better concentrate on specific areas. This way the whole family unit may be working through multiples issues at the same time although they may not all be present together.

There may be instances, where parents for example, embark on Couples Counselling or perhaps Individual Counselling. Perhaps individuals may receive Counselling for associated issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Sexual Difficulties or Substance Abuse.

Family Counselling can be extremely rewarding and help build a strong and supportive core for each individual member. Due to its nature, I remain as flexible as I can with appointment bookings to ensure that each family member can participate fully in the Counselling process.

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